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We are proud to offer a range of concrete services to all of Marion County and the cities of Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Anderson, Greenwood, Avon, Plainfield, Lawrence, Westfield, Zionville, Brownsburg, Franklin and Greenfield.

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    The largest city in the state. It serves as the state capital, and also the seat of Marion County. Indianapolis is the 2nd most populous city in the Midwest, and the 15th most populated city in the entire United States with around 855,000 people calling the city home.

    The city was founded in 1821 and was planned from the beginning to serve as the seat of the Indiana State government. The city has long been a transportation hub owing to its favorable location and important status within the National Road Scheme and its excellent connections to the national railroad system.  In fact, Indianapolis carries the unofficial nickname as the “Crossroads of America,” owing to the fact that it is within a single days drive to over 70% of the population.

    Whilst manufacturing was important in the earlier days of the city’s history, it’s economy is now more heavily entwined with financial services (such as banking and insurance), professional and business services – though manufacturing still plays an important part within the region.

    The city is home to a number of important cultural institutions, such as the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis which is the largest museum devoted to children and childhood in the world. The Indianapolis Museum of Art is also located here and covers an estate of some 152 acres and contains over 54,000 artworks – making it the 8th largest art museum in the United States.

    The city is also proudly home to the headquarters of the American Legion.

    Beyond all of this though, the city is probably most famous for it’s connection to car racing –in particular the world famous annual Indianapolis 500, commonly referred to simply as the Indy 500.

    Carmel IN

    The town of Carmel is located to the north of Indianapolis in Hamilton County. With a population in the region of 91,000 it is only the fifth largest city in the state of Indiana. It is however one of the fastest growing cities in the state. For example, it’s population increased by over 10,000 people in the years 2010 to 2016.

    This explosion in growth has partly been the result of an impressive expansion program implemented by the city council. This scheme has both encouraged new residents and also provided facilities and resources for current inhabitants of the city, allowing for a strong and steady period of growth.

    The city was awarded the title of Best Place to Live in the US CNN Money Magazine in 2012.

    Fishers IN

    The city of Fishers is also in Hamilton County, and is roughly the same size as Carmel, boasting a population of around 90,000. Also similar to Carmel, the city of Fishers has experienced extremely rapid growth over the past decades. For example, the population in 1963 stood at only 350!

    Part of the growing and enduring appeal of Fishers has been the city council’s determination to provide access to high quality outdoor spaces. To this end, the city s home to over a dozen parks and nature reserves.

    Fishers only became a city in 2015, as the result of a referendum vote held in 2012.