A Brief Guide to Fishers, Indiana

The city of Fishers is located in Hamilton County in the State of Indiana. With a population of some 90,000 at the last census, this beautiful but compact city is actually a suburb of the state capital, Indianapolis. In fact, it only became a city as the result of a referendum passed in 2012, and the town of Fishers officially became a city in 2015.

This successful referendum marked the culmination of a period of extremely rapid growth for this new city. A man named William Conner constructed a log cabin and trading post and settled the area in 1802. However whilst settlers did move to the area, the migration was somewhat slower than with many other towns.

In fact by 1963 there were still only 350 people resident in the then town of Fishers. The population continued to grow slowly and steadily, reaching 2,000 in 1983 and climbing to 7,500 by 1990.

However, the relocation of State Road 37, and the addition of a connection to Interstate 69 brought vastly improved transport kinks that continued to help the town to thrive and grow.

These improved transport links, along with an excellent supply of affordable housing and a rapidly growing economy all combined to provide a population explosion. Starting in the early 1990’s and continuing up the present day, Fishers has been recognized as one of the most desirable places to live in the state of Indiana.

The fact that Fishers is now a very popular choice for new homeowners is reflected in the population spike that has occurred over the past couple of decades. By the year 2000 in fact, the city boasted a population of 38,000.

The growth was so swift in fact that city authorities were forced to request a special census in 2003. The U.S Census Bureau granted the request, and the results of this census revealed a total population of just over 58,000.

The city government used this information to plan and deliver services and city construction schemes to both make the then town comfortable for the residents already in place, whilst continuing to make it an attractive proposition for out of towners considering making the move into Fishers.

Ultimately of course this proved successful, with the population continuing to grow and, as mentioned above, the town attaining the status of City.

The city continues to host an expanding economy and several companies offering expanded employment opportunities.

That being said though, it’s certainly not all work in Fishers! The availability of a range of fun recreations is certainly one of the major pull factors for this city. In particular, if you are looking for a city that retains close links to surrounding nature then Fishers cold be the place for you.

Just as one example of this, there is the beautiful Geist Reservoir, which offers excellent fishing and waterskiing facilities. There are also a range of gold course located on the edges of the city, along with other a dozen natural and maintained parklands and preserves.

Fishers is a beautiful city that continues to expand and thrive – and with good reason!