Concrete Services Our Company Offers

Here is a brief run down of the various services we are proud to offer:

Concrete Driveways

Nothing makes a better first impression that a concrete driveway. In addition to this however, it can also be an exceptionally long lasting addition to your home. It’s therefore well worth the money to invest in a concrete driveway.

Concrete gives the perfect durability and versatility. The durability aspect is provided by a material who’s lifespan is measured in the decades, far outlasting the lifespan of other driveway materials such as asphalt.

The versatility is in the wide range of finishes available. These include stamped and colored concrete to provide a killer design finish through to simple exposed aggregate concrete, for a more functional design finish.

Concrete Patios

In essence, a patio is very similar to a driveway. Therefore, it also makes sense to consider concrete for your patio installation too.

Again, just as with the driveway, it provides an excellent mix of design adaptability and long lasting strength to enable you to build a beautiful patio that will stand the test of time.

In addition it should be remembered that concrete is a poured medium. This allows it to conform to more exacting, non-standard shapes than, for example, a brick patio. Concrete is particularly well suited then to non-standard shapes and spaces.


    Stamped Concrete

    As discussed above, Stamped Concrete can be used to add a particular design element to the finish of concrete. Vinyl stamps of various sizes and thickness are used to impress a design onto the still wet concrete. Coloring powders are also added to the concrete mixture to produce a certain color or tint once the concrete dries.

    This allows for a wide range of designs to be employed, many of which mimic the finish of more expensive products like natural stone, brick or tile. This allows you to install a patio, driveway or path with all the aesthetic appeal of these other materials, coupled with concrete’s easy installation and long lasting durability.

    Exposed Aggregate Concrete

    This product offers a more cost effective alternative to stamped concrete. Poured concrete may well be fine left to dry in an area where not many people are going to lay eyes on it.

    But in areas where it will be seen, such as a path or driveway, you may want more of an aesthetic finish than plain poured concrete – without the additional expense of stamping.

    Exposed Aggregate Concrete can be a great alternative. This product is produced by applying a chemical to very top layer of concrete. The top inch or so of concrete can then be removed, leaving the aggregate (small stones and crushed rocks) behind.

    This natural, appealing looking finish also provides excellent non-slip properties. This means that Exposed Aggregate Concrete can be a great choice for installing around backyard swimming pools, such as a pool deck or pathways.

    Concrete Repair

    Concrete is of course an incredibly hard material, however nothing lasts forever! It may also be the case that you have recently moved to a property and inherited a concrete installation such as a driveway or patio that has not been looked after, and has seen better days.

    You may also be concerned that the only option left to you it to rip out and replace the existing concrete however this may not necessarily be the case! We don’t only install brand new concrete, we also repair existing concrete, and you would be surprised how many cases of dilapidated concrete we have brought back from the dead with a little now how and excellent techniques such as:

    Concrete Resurfacing

    One of the easiest ways to effectively repair damaged concrete. We use a special concrete compound to bond the top layer of concrete to the bottom, pre-existing layer.

    This method provides truly remarkable finishes for a faction of the cost of re-laying a brand new concrete installation.

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