Stamped Concrete

Driveways, Patios, Slabs, Sidewalks and More

Stamped concrete is an excellent construction material (especially with driveways and patios) with applications in many home construction projects.

Whilst it can be purchased pre-cast as slabs or as Concrete Block Paving (CBP) some people choose instead to use Pattern Imprinted Concrete (PIC), often also referred to simply as stamped concrete.

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    What is it?

    Essentially, stamped concrete is exactly what it sounds like! After being poured, stamping tools are used to add a finish to the wet concrete before it is allowed to harden. In addition, a coloring agent is often also used to add a color or tint to the final product.

    Mats made of vinyl are used to perform the stamping itself. They come in a variety of thicknesses to allow for stamping of various patterns into the concrete. Further, where a stamp is designed to mirror a specific product (such as natural stone, brick or tile patterns) then the stamps will be molded on these products themselves, allowing for a supremely realistic finish.

    Color is also an important element of stamped concrete installation. After all, stamped concrete may have the appropriate shapes of any pattern or design but without the addition of color, it just won’t look right!

    Color finishes are usually applied as color compounds mixed into the concrete. With continuing advances in this field it is now possible to offer near enough any kind of color or tint finishes. This could be a solid color to provide a real stand out design feature, or a more natural coloring to mimic a product such as stone or even wood.

    What are the Advantages?

    Well first it should be stated that the coloring and stamping of concrete will not remove much of the traditional durability of concrete.

    That being said, a stamped concrete surface will certainly benefit even more from the addition of an annual sealcoating. The sealcoating process will help any concrete surface to give many years of service however for stamped concrete it carries the additional benefit of protecting the color chemicals from weather damage, and also protecting the stamped surface from chipping.

    Stamped concrete has dozens of applications, from driveways and patios through to paths and kitchen floors.  Because of it’s durability it is particularly well suited to installation in areas with high foot fall, making stamped concrete an excellent materiel for commercial applications, such as a bar or restaurant.

    In a domestic setting, in addition to the much-vaunted durability of stamped concrete it is also an extremely versatile material.

    If you are currently planning a backyard construction project for example, stamped concrete has the ability to provide many surface finishes to allow for a range of design options.

    If, for example, you are unsure whether to choose  stone or tiles for your patio or path, you may end up having to get quotes from two different contractors. With stamped concrete however, the choice between these two materials comes down to simply selecting a different stamp to use on installation day. You will therefore find that quoting for work with stamped concrete is a far simpler task, with a wide range of potential options.

    Stamped concrete is also a poured medium. It is therefore excellent at evenly distributing weight that is put upon it. This means it can be less prone to sinking when patio furniture or even vehicles are placed upon it when compared to loose installed surfaces like brick or stone.

    If you are considering any kind of high end home construction project that could benefit from a wide range of long lasting but attractive designs and finishes, then we strongly recommend you contact us to discuss our concrete stamping services.