What is Cheaper: Wood Deck or Concrete Patio?

As concrete contractors, we’ve seen the benefits and draw-backs of installing a wood deck versus a concrete patio first-hand. While each has its own unique advantages, there are some key differences when considering cost and installation.

Let’s start by looking at the pros & cons of both materials.

Wood Deck Pros & Cons

  • Pro: Natural aesthetic, easy to build/customize – having a wooden deck can add natural beauty and charm to your home. Plus, you have more control over the overall look with wood decks, as they¬†can be customized in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Plus, wood decks are typically easier to install than concrete patios.
  • Con: Higher cost, requires regular maintenance – these days good quality hardwood isn’t cheap so be sure you shop around for the best deal possible if you decide to go down this route. Additionally, wooden decks require regular maintenance such as staining and sealing which adds to the cost over time.

Concrete Patio Pros & Cons

    • Pro: Lower cost, easier to maintain than wood deck – when it comes to initial costs for installation, regular concrete will often times be cheaper than its wooden counterpart due to lower initial costs and minimal maintenance costs required thereafter. Plus, compared to its wooden alternative it requires less maintenance after installation with periodic sweeping being enough in most cases.
    • Con: Dull look, cannot be customized as easily as wood deck – while initially cheaper than wood decks due to lower up front costs; concrete patios can often times feel cold and boring due to its lack of color or texture options available when compared with wood decks. But with advances in decorative techniques like stamping or staining; even the dullest of patios can turn into something quite remarkable with time and effort!

What Is Cheaper?

Now let’s take a closer look at their comparative costs between both materials: Generally speaking regular concrete will be cheaper than wood due to lower initial cost and minimal maintenance costs; however this doesn’t mean that wooden decks cannot be budget friendly too if prudence is used when choosing materials.

Remember – quality materials will increase the overall life span of your deck considerably saving you money on repair costs down the line that may come from using inferior supplies initially.


Most of the time regular concrete will be cheaper than a wood deck installation due to its lower up front costs and ease of maintaining those low costs going forward . That said if you’re looking for something with natural beauty yet sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear (especially from your furry four legged friends!) then investing in quality hardwood may still be ideal for you in spite of its higher upfront prices paid now – as not only do you get beautiful aesthetics but also peace of mind knowing that your outdoor entertaining area won’t need costly repairs any time soon!

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